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Full time travel in Oregon and Washington, an introduction

An introduction to our time spent traveling in our pop up camper in Oregon and Washington in 2016 and 2017.

Full time travel in Oregon and Washington, an introduction

Posted June 16, 2018 by Bailey Mareu

The time we have spent in Oregon during our travels has absolutely been the best parts of our time traveling. 

When people ask what our favorite place is, we don’t even need to look at each other before answering “Oregon”. 

We have had beautiful weather during the two separate times we have been there so this is, of course, not a commentary on the weather year-round. And we certainly have yet to explore all parts of the state. Which, of course, means we can’t wait to get back. 

I remember the first moment we entered Oregon in 2016. We had left Crescent City, California and took Highway 199 which winds along the green Smith River, passed the Jebediah Redwoods State Park among giants.

The day was rainy and gray. It was March and we had endured weeks of mostly traditional pacific northwest rainy season. But there were trees and rushing water in our drive out of California into Oregon and it could not have been more beautiful. 

We had zero reservations as we made our way towards Portland. We were foregoing most of the southern part of the state (this time) so we could see a friend play a show in Portland. After a month or more of moving constantly every week we were looking forward to finding a place to stay for a month and explore Portland.

Except, we couldn’t. It was spring break (full time travelers forget about “holidays”) and some RV parks (including a surprising amount in Portland area) aren’t cool with non-self-contained RVs (ie we didn’t have a bathroom) or campers older than 10 years old. We had encountered this in Arizona a bit and Southern California but were surprised to have this problem in the Portland area. 

We decided to give our money to the state parks which ended up being an excellent choice as Oregon State Parks are magnificent and helped us to fall in love with everything Oregon has to offer.

In 2016, we spent about six week in Oregon (late March until early May). We knew we would need to go back so in early 2017 I started making reservations to spend the summer in the Pacific Northwest (including Washington so we could visit our friends and some family in Seattle since we ended up missing it in 2016). 

Instead of doing things chronologically, I am going to group my blog posts around our time spent in the Pacific Northwest by topics:

  • Beer, Wine, and Food
  • Campsites
  • Disc golf courses
  • Things to see, places to hike

We’ve experienced a lot in Oregon and just a little bit in Washington but still have so much left to see in both places and can't wait to get back. (Looking at you 2019!)

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