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We're selling our pop up camper! (Sold!)

This is not a pop up for your average weekend camper! We have lived in this pop up camper for 2 1/2 years as we have traveled the U.S.!

We're selling our pop up camper! (Sold!)

Posted January 02, 2018 by Bailey Mareu

UPDATE! We sold the pop up camper about 3 weeks after we listed it. One family (who obviously knew an awesome camper when they saw it) bought it and plan to use it as their "guest room" and for family trips. They were planning on visiting Joshua Tree for Spring Break!

We are selling the pop up camper we have been living and traveling in the last 2 1/2 years! We're a little nostalgic about this change but also excited about what's next (updates coming soon!)

This is the copy for the listing:

This is not a pop up for your average weekend camper! It is a 1995 Flagstaff Pop Up Camper.

We have rebuild the entire interior of this camper (twice!) and made it ideal for long term travel and living. More than 40 drawers mean plenty of room for clothes, food and cooking supplies. There’s even a bookshelf and well-placed hooks for optimal storage.

With the addition of our toaster oven (not included in the sale) we are able to cook full meals and bake anything! The on demand hot water faucet provides hot water for cooking, washing dishes, coffee, and tea. The large counter is bigger than some you see in even large motorhomes. The custom 1.5 square foot toploading icebox slides out and can keep food cold for 2-3 days on just 7 pounds of ice.

This camper does not have a toilet, shower, or heater. With a space heater (and flannel sheets!) we can stay warm even on evenings when it gets below freezing.

With the addition of the battery and water/gray water tanks this year, we were able to go camping in some incredible places without the need for hookups: Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National park just to name a couple!

At RV parks, hook up to 30amp service, water, and sewer for easy living!

There a lot of very cool upgrades and touches in this pop up camper that will make it the perfect camper for anyone excited to explore and truly experience tiny living!

We have the title in storage in Kansas and hope to have it in hand in a few days. We just moved the camper to storage in SE Tucson.

Pop up camper pros:

  • The panoramic windows will absolutely be the thing we miss the most in this camper! Nothing better than an afternoon nap on a mild day surrounded by sunshine, an abundance of fresh air, and the scenery of your choosing!
  • Light and easy to tow.
  • About 18 feet long with slides extended so fits in the small spaces where large 5th wheels and motor homes can’t!

New since 2015:

  • All cabinetry/drawers/bench (truly an astonishing amount of storage for such a small space!)
  • Counter
  • Faucet/sprayer
  • Under counter hot water tank
  • Floating shelf above counter
  • Vinyl Floor
  • Water tanks (self pressurizing well tanks, no need for 12v pump)
  • Gray water tank
  • Battery
  • Electrical Panel (30 AMP with 3 breakers, master, 20AMP & 15AMP. Also has (6) 15 AMP DC power lines and one is dedicated to charging the battery when on shore power.
  • 3500 pound axle, hubs, bearing and 14” tires (upgraded from 1000 pound and 8” tires)

Updated before 2010:

  • Curtains, fabrics - in good condition, some fading on cushions 

Original to camper:

  • Canvas - has been patched on corners, in average condition
  • Door
  • Main structure and slides
  • Propane stove (works perfect - we did build a new structure for it but stove parts are original)
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Air conditioner - has worked great!
Asking price: $4,100

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