7 Months on The Road!

We can't believe we've been traveling in our pop up camper for more than 7 months already! We give a recap of where we were, how we ended up changing what we had planned and where we're headed next.

7 Months on The Road!

Posted March 10, 2016 by Bailey Mareu

January 31st marked six months (!!!) since we moved out of our house to live in our pop up camper full time and when I first started writing this blog post. Jump forward another 6 weeks and we've been traveling for 7 months.  Take our word for it when we say that time has FLOWN by. 

Over a year ago (in 2014!), I first proposed that we travel for a couple months, maybe a whole semester (so we could sublease out our house to a college student or something). We eventually decided to go all-in and our first big decision towards this journey was telling our landlord we weren’t staying beyond July 31st. You can read about all the decisions we had to make for this journey on this blog post.

We spent the first four months in the midwest, bopping around between Lawrence, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Grand Marais. We had weddings to go to so we couldn’t go too far. Finally, we headed to Arizona after experiencing an icy Thanksgiving in Central Kansas. We spent almost six weeks in Tucson, a couple weeks near San Diego, a couple days just north of LA, a week in Bakersfield and two weeks in Aptos, near Santa Cruz.

This wasn’t always the plan; we had planned to spend a month in New Mexico and then head to Southern Utah (to stay with a family friend) after some time in Arizona but the weather and our current setup changed our plans. We aren’t totally comfortable when the temperatures dip below 35 degrees at night as our space heater just can’t keep up. So we’re forced to pay close attention to the lows at night when planning our next stop. Thankfully, southern California has had some pretty awesome weather! 

So what’s next?

We have one more week to spend in Northern California and then we’ll head to Portland and catch a friend’s show who is currently touring. We may try to find a place to stay in Oregon for a month (it’s nice to have weeks where we don’t have to move!) and then head to Washington by the end of April. 

The PDGA Women’s Global Event (a worldwide disc golf event day for women) is May 14th and there’s a tournament I can play near Seattle. 

Our whole trip is leading us to the wedding of two friends just outside of Seattle on Memorial Day weekend!  

My cousin is getting married in Iowa the very following weekend. We had originally planned on me just flying back for it and then rejoining Phil in the Seattle area and then continuing or journey.

But here’s the thing about our travels. We didn’t take our friends or family with us. And we miss them. We miss our people. 

So, we’re going to scurry half way across the country with Lil’ Poppy so we can both make it to my cousin's wedding, spend some time with family and friends in Iowa and then spend some time in Kansas with family and friends there. We’ll likely be in Iowa/Kansas for all of June (with a quick weekend trip to Arkansas for Phil's cousin's wedding).

We'll still want to escape the midwestern summer so we might spend some time in Colorado and Minnesota during July, August and September. Still to be determined, of course :)

In the mean time, maybe we can get the blog caught up on our adventures so far!

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