The first updates to our popup camper

Check out some of the first updates we made to our popup camper.

The first updates to our popup camper

Posted March 03, 2016 by Phil Mareu

As you might know, we bought a camper and hit the road full-time several months ago. In this post, I wanted to share a little bit about the start of many upgrades I made to the camper (dubbed “Lil’ Poppy”) and why.

Why Did We Get A Popup

We did quite a bit of research before purchasing our camper. Campers vary by types and sizes with a large range of amenities and bed arrangements. We had our eye on a popup camper. A popup camper expands, or pops up, vertically and horizontally. It has canvas upper walls and two beds that expand out on each end. The compact towing size of the camper was ideal since neither one of us had much towing experience. We wanted something that we could tow comfortably in windy mountain roads and the popup just seemed perfect.

The Original Setup

This camper, like most popups, are setup to sleep more that 2 people. In fact, ours could sleep 6-8. The original setup had a table and bench area to seat 4 people, a small sink area and some cabinets. My first impression was there was way too much wasted space for 2 people. Also, we would be living in this camper and not just weekend camping. So I decided to completely rip out the interior and rebuild a new one.

The Bench

When designing the new interior, I wanted to make sure that the center portion was open and would not be prone to congestion. So instead of the two facing benches that stuck out into the main living area, I made one long bench in front of the main bed. This design allows us both to work on the bench with plenty of space. It’s also perfect for watching movies since it faces the other side where the TV lives.

Kitchen Counter

The original camper had very little kitchen counter space. In order to cook proper meals we would need proper kitchen space. So I decided to install a counter that ran the length of the camper and featured a new faucet and sprayer along with the original sink. The toughest thing about this part of the build was the height restriction. The camper collapses and restricts any interior components to a height of 29”. To get around this issue, I used hinges to allow the counter to rotate towards the front and then rest on the ground.

Below the counter, is all open shelving areas. The area in the middle is the electrical panel and on the left is the rest room for Emmy our cat.

Storage areas

Since we didn’t need the spare bed, I ended up making a framework that would be used as a storage area. I designed it just tall enough to still fit in the camper when it was collapsed. The area opposite the kitchen counter had a bit of open space, so I installed a small storage shelf and counter area.

Future upgrades

Since we have been on the road, I have made many new upgrades and fixes to the interior and exterior. I’ll be sharing these in upcoming posts.

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