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You're doing what?

Posted January 01, 2016 by Bailey Mareu

For over three years, Phil and I have both worked for ourselves. Since 2010, the same year we started dating, Phil has owned his own business. I left my full time job at KU in 2012 to work for Phil’s company. It was a big step that ultimately led to our lifestyle change this year.

While I no longer do work for Philsquare, (outside of wifely advice/support), I also work for myself as a contractor (i.e. I don’t have a full-time job).

In November 2014, I had a small kernel of an idea. Phil and I had been wanting to travel more but we didn’t have the money to do so as much as we wanted on top of paying rent every month. Why didn’t we take a month or two and go camping in the mountains? Or go somewhere. If we could work and travel, we really should.

Over the next month, this idea evolved. Maybe we travel for a whole semester. Then we could sublease our house to a college student.

A friend of ours wondered what was keeping us attached to our rental house.

Good point.

We could put our things in storage and travel for as long as we desired. But what about our cat? We could find a home for Emmy at a family or friend’s house but nothing seemed right. How could we take her with us?

We could get a camper.

At Christmas, we discussed it casually with Phil’s mom and aunt.

We dropped the idea around friends.

Not that any one opinion would put us off the idea but eventually our attitude was:

is there any reason to not do it?!

And there wasn’t. There really wasn’t. We already had the jobs to make this idea a reality. Our rental house lease was up at the end of July. That gave us time to put things in order, sell what we didn’t want to keep and make this reality. There was months and months of research on motorhomes vs. travel trailers vs fifth wheels. And trucks vs. SUVs. And the question we always get: How do we get our mail?!

In April, we told our landlords we intended not to renew our lease. This was getting real.

In May, we purchased our Toyota 4Runner. With a V8, it would allow us to tow up to 7,000 pounds.

On a Sunday in June, we drove to Columbia, Missouri to look at a pop up camper. We ended up making an offer and taking it home with us.

For weeks and weeks Phil spent time redoing the interior of the camper and prepping the camper for full-time living. Inside, we were preparing for what ended up being two garage sales and moving stuff into a 10x10 foot storage unit. We could have used another week. But the end of your lease is the end of your lease.

At 2pm on July 31st, 2015, we were what some people would consider homeless. We consider the pop up a home with less stuff. And a home for wandering.

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