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Learn more about the Mareus as a couple and as individuals.

About Mareu Life

About the Mareus

Phil and Bailey met in February 2009 at one of the first Lawrence, KS Tweetup events. They were both early adopters of Twitter and found a great group of friends to spend time with in Lawrence through this group.

Their first date didn't come until over a year later in July 2010. and they never looked back.

That same month, Phil started his own business. In August 2011, they moved in together. By February 2012, Bailey had left her job at KU to join Phil's company.

In January 2014, Phil proposed to Bailey and they were married in September of that year.

Their last name, Mareu, is actually a mashup of their former last names: MARtinez and deREUs.

Just two months after their wedding, Bailey voiced a small nugget of an idea that grew into their current adventure: living, working and traveling with their cat, Emmy, out of a pop-up camper.

About Bailey

Bailey was born in Des Moines and lived most of her first 18 years in West Des Moines, Iowa. In middle school and high school she joined the school newspapers and decided she wanted to pursue journalism as a career in college.

Bailey decided to attend the University of Kansas; moving there in 2003 where she knew no one but grew some amazing friendships. She eventually switched from a focus on news journalism to public relations. Her internships and school organization experience gave her exposure to marketing and event planning.

When she graduated in 2007, she eventually got a job as a graduation advisor at KU in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She flirted with a masters in Higher Education but decided it wasn't the path she wanted.

She did some work on the side growing her skills in content management, email marketing and social account management. Bailey helped with Phil's company, Philsquare, as well, part time, until she left KU in 2012 to join Philsquare full-time. As the company changed, Bailey transitioned to an independent contractor. Her current client has her managing social media accounts for a Fortunate 500 company.

Bailey's interests include: yoga, learning to drink whisky and tea, spending cozy afternoons at coffee shops, developing a better writing habit, taking pictures of mountains and sunsets, learning to take better video, trying not to say 'um' while recording podcasts, reading awesome books, going to see movies in the theater (candy please!) and watching awesome tv shows.

About Phil

Phil was born and raised in Kansas and spent most of his childhood living in farming communities. However, instead of farming, he found an interest in science and technology. He took up programming as a hobby throughout high school while maintaining an active interest in science, technology, and math. After high school, he attended the University of Kansas and studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2007.

Immediately after graduation, Phil worked as an engineering analyst for a small consulting company in Lawrence, KS. 3 years later, he left his full-time job to follow his entrepreneurial cravings. Later that same year he started Philsquare, a web design and development company which he still owns and operates to this day.

Phil’s interests include: disc golf, programming, photography, beer, KU basketball, podcasts and podcasting, camping, hiking and cooking.

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